new TLD

Check in to .hospital, now in GoLive

03.20.2017 - written by

Doors open to everyone on the .hospital domain as of March 22 at 9:00 AM PDT.

Entering the Sunrise phase: .observer, .realty

03.01.2017 - written by

A safe haven for journalism online, .observer and a TLD for selling safe havens online, .realty a...

Preferred Access Period for .art

02.17.2017 - written by

Attention artists, art institutions and organizations! Now's your chance to get first dibs on you...

Introducing .eco, for the world we share

02.04.2017 - written by

The .eco domain is now entering the Sunrise phase.

Now accepting admissions, .hospital

01.05.2017 - written by

A new place to go for healing, .hospital, opens up today in the Sunrise phase.

Make .art, now available at Gandi

11.30.2016 - written by

It's .art for art's sake, now entering the  Sunrise phase.

Start your .blog, now in GoLive

11.18.2016 - written by

Start a new .blog as it enters the Golive phase.

Gandi does .makeup, now in GoLive

11.04.2016 - written by

Follow our quick makeup tutorial for this timeless look and top it off with a new .makeup domain,...

Hello my .baby, hello my darling …

10.28.2016 - written by

Baby, baby, .baby ... what will be your little .baby now that .baby is in the Sunrise phase?