The Gandi Community

[Ended] Partial mail incident

A problem with one of our storage units has led to a disruption in mail for several thousand email mailboxes. We are currently working to restore service as soon as possible.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

The technical team


14:24 GMT: We have identified that the problem was caused by data corruption. We are corrently working on repairing the file system.


16:16 GMT:  The filesystem has been found to be severely corrupted.  Our technical teams are investigating whether it is possible to recover any data on the affected filer.  We will keep you updated with any further information/progress.


12:00 GMT (1 Dec):  The work was completed to rebuild the affected filer last night and undelivered mails still in the queue will have been delivered overnight.  Unfortunately the filesystem corruption was replicated on the resilient disk arrays which meant that we were sadly unable to recover the data for the affected mailboxes.  These mailboxes have been brought back online, but unfortunately are empty for users accessing via webmail or IMAP.  We have sent further communication to customers affected by this regrettable event.  We have put measures in place to mitigate any repeat occurence, and will be further developing and hardening our mail infrastructure. On behalf of the entire Gandi team, please accept our sincerest apologies for this most regrettable ‘first’.