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Transatlantic Network Degraded

Our transatlantic connections are currently degraded due to multiple fibre cuts with separate providers.


One connection (Paris Equinx to Baltimore via Yellow) is out of service due to a cut on the Yellow submarine cable system and our supplier estimates 14 days to resolution. 


A second connection (Paris Telehouse2 to Baltimore via AC2 and TAT14) is currently out of service due to a fibre cut along the I-295 corridor between Washington and Baltimore. The supplier of this circuit has engineers in the field currently working to resplice the broken fibre cables, but we have not yet received an estimated time to fix.  This fibre cut is also impacting one of our IP transit connections in Baltimore.


A third connection (Paris Equinix to Baltimore via Apollo South) is working, but is experiencing BER (Bit-Error-Rate) on the line trace.  We have raised this issue with the supplier to investigate further. 


During this time, network performance between Baltimore and Paris is degraded and may show signs of packet loss and/or retransmissions.  We will keep you updated as we receive further updates from our suppliers.


We apologise for any inconvenience.


Update: 05:54 GMT (07:54 CEST):  The supplier for the connection Paris Telehouse2 to Baltimore via AC2/TAT14 has reported that the engineers have exposed the fibre and have begun prepping for splicing.  The splicing operation will commence within the next hour.


Update: 06:10 GMT (08:10 CEST):  Our supplier of the Paris Equinix to Baltimore connection via Apollo South has indicated a fibre cut in Washington affecting protected and unprotected services which explains the performance degradation on this circuit.  They have not yet provided a time to fix.


Update 06:55 GMT (08:55 CEST):  The supplier for the circuit via Apollo South has reported that splicing work is commencing and have provided an estimated time to repair of approximately six hours.


Update 07:35 GMT (09:36 CEST):  The supplier for the circuit over AC2/TAT14 has indicated that resplicing has commenced.  They have not yet indicated an estimated time to repair.


Update 08:34 GMT (10:34 CEST):  Our connection from Paris Telehouse2 to Baltimore via AC2/TAT14, and the affected IP Transit connection at Baltimore have both been restored.  Our supplier indicates that splicing work is still ongoing and we are monitoring the situation closely.  The connection from Paris Equinix to Baltimore via Apollo South is on the backup fibre path between Washington and Baltimore currently and resplicing of the fibre cut in Washington is ongoing.


Update 15:18 GMT (17:19 CEST) : The circuit via Apollo South is now  restored since 09:21 GMT (11:21 CEST).