The Gandi Community

Hosting Filer Incident

One of our hosting filer units has stopped responding, likely due to a hardware fault.  We recommend that you do not attempt to restart your server if it is not responding, and to wait until the incident is resolved.  Our teams are on site to investigate and we will keep you informed of developments.


Update: 11:38 CET (10:38 GMT):  The issue involves a control head on our old storage system.  A fault on the disk controller has resulted in an interruption of service.  We are currently recovering the storage volume.


Update 12:12 CET (11:12 GMT): We have corrected a kernel bug which in the event of a hard fault on the controller, will enable use to resolve the situation rapidly.  We will be restarting the service shortly.


Update 13:01 CET (12:01 GMT):  We have restarted the service on this filer.  We are monitoring the controller for now, and will apply a patch during the afternoon which will incur a brief outage of this filer which is not expected to last more than a minute.