The Gandi Community

Gandi Supports the EFF

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is a group dedicated to the defence of your digital freedoms in the courts. As they are deeply involved in the fight against SOPA, Gandi will contribute $1 per inbound transfer to EFF until Jan 15th, 2012. Here is what Shari Steele, executive director of the EFF said:

“EFF is pleased to support Gandi’s efforts to bring attention to the
proposed SOPA legislation and its consequences for Internet users
worldwide. Gandi is EFF’s domain name registrar. We welcome
donations from individuals who transfer domains to Gandi so that we
that we can continue our efforts to fight for free expression in the
digital world.”

Get involved and make a donation of your own! Support the EFF and Gandi by transferring your domain, and then contribute to EFF’s fight with your words and dollars with EFF’s action alert. 


Finalized transfers so far: 4719 as of Jan 12!

Keep those transfers coming! Let’s break 5000!