.PRO price increase

If you’ve been following the extension reserved for professionals, .PRO, you may have noticed all the action over the last few months, namely the relaxation of rules and the simplified registration process.

The Registry has also been offering big discounts: 75% off of the price of a year of registration, which we were of course happy to to pass on to our customers. That promotion will end May 1st.

The flip side of this particular coin is a planned 36% hike on the initial price by the Registry, who says the increase is mostly due to the costs of verification caused by easing the registration rules.

Unfortunately, we have little choice but to ask customers to share the cost of this increase, which affects all operations (creation, transfer and renewal). To clarify, these are the prices (excluding tax) you can expect to pay for a .PRO after May 1st, 2012:
  • Creation and renewal: 15.00€ (formerly 13.00€) at A rates (11.00€ per year at E rates, formerly 9.00€)
  • Transfer: 13.00€ per year (formerly 11.00€) at A rates (11.00€ at E rates, formerly 9.00€)
As a way to avoid future price increases, as of today (March 27, 2012) Gandi is offering a promotion that will allow you to secure your domain renewal at a lower cost than will be possible in future years.
If you renew your .PRO domain name before May 1st, for two years or more (up to nine years maximum), you will benefit from a discount of 2.00€/year. In other words, a two-year renewal will cost 22.00€ plus tax instead of 26.00€, at A rates.
This promotion will be automatically applied to any .PRO renewal of two years or more.