Colorful promotion on Afilias domains

08.17.2018 - written by

Seventeen TLDs from the registry Afilias are on promotion from now until December 31, 2018

Go .pro this spring at half-price

02.11.2017 - written by

Going .pro will cost $10.00 for the first year until December, 2017.

Three dollar .pro

12.29.2016 - written by

From January 1 through February 28, get a .pro domain for $3.00 a year.

.pro unchained

11.10.2015 - written by

On November 16, .pro domains are free from verification of pro status. So we're putting them on s...

50% off .PRO domains!

01.28.2013 - written by

Gandi is happy to offer a promotion from Afilias, the .PRO registry.

.PRO price increase

03.27.2012 - written by

After their great promo on the new .PRO, the Registry is hiking prices by 36%...

.PRO at 75% off

11.17.2011 - written by

Extension: there is a new version of .PRO that is easier, faster, and less expensive!

50% off .PRO registrations

08.24.2010 - written by

The .PRO registry has launched a special new promo giving you a 50% discount on .PRO creations.