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[ Resolved ] Emergency maintenance on Baltimore storage heads

This urgent preventive maintenance needs to be scheduled now, as we have observed the first symptoms of the same storage failures we experienced on the Paris platform earlier this year. We also have made significant performance improvements in storage as well, and we want to make them available to customers in the US data center. 

This maintenance will be carried out at 10am CEST (4am EDT) on Monday, June 25th. The duration will be approximately 15 minutes. 

We recommend that you do not stop or restart your servers during this period, or attempt to attach or detach any disks. The systems will reconnect to the storage facility as soon as the maintenance is complete. 

We will update this post as the maintenance progresses. 

11:30 am CEST:

Maintenace is complete. Several servers were briefly affected by a node crashing during the maintenance window, which lengthened the recovery time. We apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused. All servers are recovered at this time.