An email is currently being sent to people that is actually an attempt by unscrupulous individuals to steal your Gandi login codes and probably your domain names.

We would like to take this moment to remind you of basic security precautions you need to take when you receive an email that asks you to click on a link:

1. Never click on a link in an email
2. Really, don’t click on links in emails
3. If you want to click on the link nevertheless, verify that the destination address that displays in your web browser is correct (it will appear green for, and don’t just look at the beginning of the link, look at the whole thing, as phishing links will often include the real name of the site at the beginning in order to trick you.

Here is an example of the phishing email that is currently being sent out:

Subject:     [GANDI] The login ip to your account Gandi has been changed
Date:     Thu, 12 Jul 2012 10:52:08 -0800
From:     Support Gandi
To:     xxxxxx


Warning! The login ip to your account Gandi has been changed! We have
seen that the ip may change so please re-login to the site
To make sure the safety of your membership..

Login To Your Account[…].dk/login.htm

Thank you for your confidence.