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[Resolved] DDoS on IaaS Hosting

We suffer from a DDoS attack on the IaaS Hosting platform on the Paris/FR datacenter.


The technical team is currently mitigating the attach and trying to solve the encountered issue.

4 physical nodes have been impacted by the attack.



UPDATE : End of the issue around 2PM. The technical team did restart the physical nodes and the concerned VMs properly. The attack has been mitigated and is analyzed more precisely now.


UPDATE : a IaaS/PaaS storage unit will be rebooted in the next minutes, for safety reaons because of a few disks which are blocked. The reboot operation will take 20 minutes approximately. there is no need to reboot or stop/start your VPS or SH instance, the I/O will be delayed and will catch up once the filer is restarted. We do the necessary operations on our side. Sorry for the inconvenience this issue may cause to you.


UPDATE : the reboot operation took less than 10 minutes, the I/O recovered within 5 minutes, the operations are still halted but will be restarted in the next minutes once all is clear.


UPDATE : hosting operations are now restarted, the situation is back to normal.