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Gandimail load problem

We are currently experiencing a load problem with Gandimail and are working on a solution.

EDIT : Still on going problem, we are on degraded mode.

EDIT : services is back to normal.

EDIT jun 21 05:14 PM CEST : As a result of a problem resulting from excessive load on about 15% of our email storage systems, some customers may have had
difficulties accessing their mailbox, or may have experienced delays in delivery of their emails.

On 20 June, we detected an anomaly one some storage units and our teams took steps to stabilise the problem.  Unfortunately,
these measures were ineffective and resulted in disruption to the webmail service between 14:00 and 16:32.

Between 16:32 and 19:00 only 15% of the storage units showed signs of this anomalous behaviour (connection difficulties or slow delivery). 
On 21 June, from 9:30, we again began experiencing the issue on certain storage units.  We subsequently were able to identify the
root cause of the problem and implement the necessary corrective measures.  The situation was stabilised around 13:45.
There was no loss to any data as a result of this incident.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.