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SimpleHosting Paris/FR : degraded service

Due to a high load, a storage unit is currently suffering from a high load, so the SimpleHosting is in degraded mode.


Errors may be encountered on some instances during this issue.


Our technical team is currently working on fixing this issue, we will analyze and do the necessary maintenance operations.


Please do not launch any operation like rebooting your instance.


UPDATE 24/07 19h51 : issue is now finished, we will identify and correct a software-related bug.


UPDATE 25/07 11h30 : a new issue has been encoutered on another storage unit, impacting part of our Simplehosting instances on Paris/France datacenter. We work on the issue, will take appropriate actions to identify surely the bug and fix the bug in a sustainable way to avoid contention once the incident is finished.


UPDATE 11h55 : the faulty storage unit has been restarted, please do not launch any operation on your PaaS instance or your IaaS instance (like restart)


UPDATE 12h50 : the situation is now stable, tech team is analyzing and identifying the whole issue to find the potential bugs.