Sunrise: .voting

Ping pong or foosball? Python or Ruby? EFF or SOPA? (French, or French?)

.voting, the new gTLD for anyone who enjoys choosing between things, enters Sunrise today.

You can reserve domains under this extension on a first-come, first-served basis.

The .voting TLD is subject to a few conditions imposed by the registry: the content of a .voting website must somehow relate to a study, petition, survey, opinion poll, or some reasonably related discussion.

Here are the prices at A rates, for a one-year registration, during each different phase:

  • Sunrise (begins 15 April 2014): $394.08
  • Landrush (begins 17 May): $81.85
  • General Availability/GoLive (begins 22 July): $81.85

Register or reserve a .voting domain: