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[Resolved] Service issue with Gandi Cloud VPS

Here’s the incident history:


* 08:25 UTC 12 hosting nodes are made inaccessible due to a switch failure. ~200 Virtual machines (VMs) are made unreachable. 

* 08:40 UTC Switches are recovered and VMs are once again accessible. Investigation does not reveal cause of incident. 

* 12:01 UTC A second incident occurs, affecting 8 nodes and ~180 VMs. 

* 12:09 UTC Switches are recovered, VMs are made available again. Additional data collection measures are put in place to help determine cause. 

* 14:56 UTC A third incident occurs, affecting 10 nodes and 321 VMs. 

* 15:10 UTC Nodes and VMs are available again. This time extensive forensic data is made available, and we expect to find the root cause and execute a permanent fix, which will be implemented as soon as possible. 

We do apologise for the inconvenience this issue may have caused.