The Gandi Community

Gandi Status now Open Source

If you use Gandi day-to-day, you’re probably familiar by now with, or you’ve at least seen the little green (okay sometimes red or orange) light next to your login.

Being committed to using Open Source solutions whenever possible, when we couldn’t find an Open Source option that had all the features we were looking for, we developed one in-house, that we dubbed “baobab.”

With a backend and API based on the Django framework and a public site written in Angular.js, the tool lets you:

  • Publish items in a chronological order such as incidents and scheduled maintenances
  • Share messages on Twitter or IRC (with the option to add other social networks)
  • Translate messages for multi-language sites
  • Subscribe to an RSS feed

We invite anyone interested to have a look in our project repository and use it or adapt it to your needs. Of course, don’t hesitate to send feedback via GitHub Issues or even to propose your own improvements or new features. We welcome any and all input.