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Now accepting: Indian rupees!

Okay, okay. Let’s get it out of the way. We’re Gandi, from the French: Gestion et Attribution des Noms de Domaine sur Internet, not Gandhi, as in Mahatma (or Indira or Rajiv for that matter), not that we wouldn’t want to be, though.

We do try to be the change we wish to see in the world. That’s a good slogan. That’s why we support so many alternative projects and ask our customers to hold us to a slogan of our own: “No Bullshit.” And we do love India, too.

It’s the world’s largest democracy, for one, and the oldest continuous civilization in the world. The first use of quadratic equations in history was in the 11th century, making India the birthplace of algebra, trigonometry and calculus (and chess, not that quadratic formulas have anything to do with it).

And since last summer, our Taipei office has brought us even closer to India. With our follow-the-sun support strategy, our Customer care team is never far away.

So, really, we feel a special connection to India. That’s just one reason why, among the ten new currencies Gandi is accepting, we are especially proud that the rupee (INR, रुपयाा) figures prominently among them.

And to celebrate, we’re offering a 15% promo on .in domains in both A and B rates with the following code (valid until 30 September 2016 included):


Use it for .in renewals, transfers and of course creations or spread it around. Got friends, family, coworkers, random acquaintances who you want to introduce to us? This code will work for them, too, even if they’re not already Gandi customers.  So if you’re happy with Gandi, support our efforts and spread the love (and the code)!

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