The Gandi Community

Now accepting: Norwegian Krone!

We’re putting on our lusekofte, heading to the hytte for some kvikklunsj, koselig and friluftsliv (and not to mention, learning some Norwegian words).

Perhaps Janteloven prevents Norwegians from bragging too much about the exquisite clear-watered fjords tucked in between craggy mountains (and good skiing) but we’re not afraid to praise them or Norway’s gender equality, peacefulness, and incredible capacity for self-reflection as a society.

With offices in Bissen and Paris, Norway is only a quick hop away and for you, our Norwegian customers, our Customer care team is never far away.

So it’s with great pleasure that we announce we’re opening the doors a little wider for Norway (hopefully not letting in too much Arctic air) by now accepting payments in norsk krone, that is, the Norwegian Krone.

And to celebrate, we’re offering a 20% promo on .no domains (too punny if we called it a promo?) in both A and B rates with the following code (valid until 30 September 2016 included):


Use it for .no renewals, transfers and of course creations or spread it around. Got friends, family, coworkers, random acquaintances who you want to introduce to us? This code will work for them, too, even if they’re not already Gandi customers.  So if you’re happy with Gandi, support our efforts and spread the love (and the code)!

Register a .no?