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Price increase in GBP

Since the announcement of Brexit, we’ve been carefully monitoring the variations in the currency exchange rate between US Dollars and Pounds. Why? Because as registrar, we mostly buy domains from registries in US Dollars, and sell them to our worldwide customers in their local currency.

Unfortunatly, leaving the Euro zone has significantly affected the Pound’s value. Although we have been waiting a few weeks to see if the rate would stabilize following the vote, it didn’t. We therefore need to acknowledge this situation and take action to compensate for the loss caused by this change.

In the end, we have decided to only change the rates for .CO, .COM, .INFO, .ORG, .NET, .TV domains, for which prices of all operations (create, renew, transfer) on all price rates, will see an increase of 10%. This will take effect on September 1st 2016.