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A world tour of a transfer promo

Back when the nTLD program was just starting, the cool way to promote them was to awkwardly mash the TLDs into a paragraph or story. We have so many TLDs in this transfer promo, we thought we’d do a little throwback to the old days with this post.

When you transfer a domain name, it’s like it goes on a little trip. Earlier this year, we called it a quest. Since September is widely considered the best month to travel, we thought we’d compare transfers for our transfer promo starting this month to a world tour. Let us be your .guide.

As with any trip, you should really start by calling your bank. You don’t want to mess up your .credit. Get your .creditcard cleared for Europe and East Asia. Any .place (the exact .country will be a surprise).

Okay. Now load up your phone with your preferred .audio for the flight. May we suggest some weepy guitar music to help you sleep, or, if you prefer staying awake, some high-energy .hiphop or dance music? We leave that up to you.

Alright, got your .tickets? Here we go.

We’ll start off with a good old-fashioned trip to .vegas for some .juegos, as they say. And maybe a .rodeo? Do they have those in Vegas? Probably with showgirls and/or tigers.

Alright, next, we’ll hop across the Pacific to .taipei to check out Taipei 101 at night and of course visit the Shilin Night Market.

Next we’ll catch a flight up to .yokohama. As a major seaport, Yokohama is of course a .fishing center. We’ll definitely want to cook up some fresh catches while we’re there.

Then it’s a .direct flight to .london. Obviously, we’ll have to do the double-decker bus thing (it’s a must). It’s more fun to just wander around the city, though. There’s always something .cooking (like haggis if you want to  feel like a .scot, which is really quite nice, despite .claims to the contrary. We’d rather get a curry, though).

Then we’ll head to the .country to stay in an old BnB. We’ll hit the .courses, play a few rounds of golf or .rent a .horse and feel like a real English gentleman, surveying the manor, if we .insure* that’s alright with our .host. We don’t want to .press anyone’s hospitality too much.

Then it’s off to .amsterdam for that great Dutch quality of .life: bicycles, bridges, canals, tulips even.

Next, .beer .fans will rejoice in a jaunt through Germany, taking us to .koeln, (aka .cologne, guess there’s a nice .church there) and finally .bayern (Bavaria, that is) just in time for Oktoberfest. Too bad it’s not the right time of year to .ski. We’ll be right in the Alps. Oh well. We can just .surf the Eisbach in Munich instead. If .beer‘s not enough liquid courage, we’ll bring a bottle of  .vodka just in case, though that wouldn’t be very of us …

Finally, .fyi, if you can’t .finance that much travel, before you talk to any .accountants or take out any .loans, it’s okay to join us just here, in the .digital realm, totally .gratis.

We hoped you liked our little  .global TLD tour, even if it was all just through our .website. There were just two we couldn’t fit in: .republican and  .mba (no, that’s not meant as a political statement). Transfers of any of the above TLDs are currently on sale at Gandi. Click the links above for pricing. If you have a domain in any of the above TLDs, it’s a great time for them to take a little trip as well. Happy travels to you and your domains!

*Yeah, we know. But there’s no .ensure.