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Recently-delegated TLDs: October 2016

ICANN must be a little preoccupied this month.

All September, only seven TLDs were delegated to the root zone, among which five were brand TLDs, leaving only just two true gTLDs.

So we’ll keep it short and sweet this month.

.wowSeptember 26

Out of three applicants that also included Google and United TLD Holdco Ltd., who submitted a Public Interest Commitment (no it did not pertain to World of Warcraft), it was Amazon’s application that won out in the end.

.通販 (.xn--gk3at1e) — September 30

Meaning “online shopping,” .通販 (pronounced “tsuhan“) was the last gTLD delegated by ICANN under the IANA contract with the US government, so it seems almost fitting, maybe to the point of irony, that it was an IDN.

Amazon also won out for .通販, despite GAC objections related to utilizing this TLD to possibly monopolize online shopping.

For the record, those five brand TLDs that were delegated were the following:


So you can also look out for domains in those TLDs coming to a browser near you (although if .monster had been a true generic it would have been great for Halloween). Stay tuned for more updates on recently-delegated TLDs next month.

As always, these two TLDs are on the bleeding edge of the new TLD program. We don’t know yet how they’ll be rolled out to the market, so we can’t say for sure whether we’ll be offering them at Gandi. We’ll try our best, though.