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Free Snapshots on Simple Hosting

We are very excited to announce that from now on, Snapshots are free on our Simple Hosting platform!

Snapshots allow you to schedule automatic, periodic copies of the files contained on your Simple Hosting instance. Until now, this service required an additional 30% disk space added to the total quota in order to use.

From today on, though, you can now activate snapshots without having to buy any additional disk space. The copies of your files will no longer count towards your total disk usage.

To activate snapshots, go to your Simple Hosting management page on our legacy site or on #gandiv5. If snapshots are already activated on your instances, the additional disk space will no longer be invoiced to you the next time your renew.

We would remind you that Snapshots are not a full backup as they do not include a backup of your databases. You can include your database in the snapshot by exporting your database into a file on your instance which will then be included in the next snapshot.

For more information on Snapshots, feel free to reference our wiki: https://wiki.gandi.net/simple/snapshot

Otherwise, you can of course contact our Hosting support team for any other questions.