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We’re getting ready to deliver a .BABY

Okay. It’s true. The cat is outta the bag. We’re super happy to announce: We’re having a .BABY!!

At first, we didn’t know who was going to be the lucky registry but it turns out Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. is a solid breadwinner so, what the heck!?

Now, we know what you’re going to say: “A baby is so expensive! Are you sure?” Well, we looked it up, and yes it can be around twelve hundred dollars a year (on average) in expenses to bring a baby into the real world. But don’t worry, bringing a .BABY into the virtual world only costs $95.44 during the general opening and you can have one too starting 12 April at 11:00am.  

If for whatever reason you are in a hurry to have this .BABY, you can order one prematurely between 11 and 12 April (before 11am) for only $199.83 during the Lundrush phase.

Like the old Chinese saying goes: Honey is sweet. A little .BABY is sweeter. Ok maybe we tweaked that a bit but you get the idea.


Wanna have a .BABY with us? :