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Where we’re at with #gandiv5

It was only last December that we announced the launch of our new platform #gandiv5 in Beta, with the understanding that this launch represented only the first step on the road of completely transforming our organization.

Four months later, with week after week of new roll-outs, fixes, improvements, and new functionalities, we are unmistakably in the midst of this transformation.

We’ve barely taken a rest (and neither have our poor coffee machines) since we started this process. Since January, we’ve added:



At the same time, so you can start using the new platform ahead of the introduction of our other services and features, we deployed #gandiv5 progressively across multiple distinct geographic zones.

In January 2017 we opened #gandiv5 as the default interface on to our Canadian customers, followed by a portion of our US customers. Mid-April we added our Africa customers and then our South American customers the following week. Just this week, #gandiv5 became the default interface for our customers in the Netherlands, Réunion, and a few more US states and territories.

This last week we also unveiled a new, improved, and more complete homepage, which will continue to improve over time.

And now for what you can expect going forward:

By the end of the month, we’ll be introducing a new and improved “News” site and by the end of spring we will be launching a new Mail option and a new Simple Hosting pack. Gandi Cloud and SSL certificates will also be integrated into #gandiv5 shortly, with a new customer dashboard.

Then, before we enter the final three months of 2017 we hope to have the rest of our customers migrated to #gandiv5, including our Corporate and reseller customers, for whom we are currently working on new tools and services specially designed for their unique needs.

And then … that’s it! Of course, we’ll never stop improving and fixing the site. The bare-bones platform you first saw in December has since then grown and been fleshed out and will continue to do so as we integrate more services and more features to meet (and exceed) your expectations.

As always, none of this advancement and continuous improvement is possible without the line we keep permanently open to you our customers. Your feedback has always been the main driver of change for us and your thoughts, comments, frustrations, and ideas are more important now than ever. So please, don’t be shy about contacting us at to let us know what your opinions on #gandiv5. Take this opportunity to let us know what you think so far.

And if you did not test it already, please have a look here: