We are happy to announce that our new data center in Paris, FR-SD3, is now in production.

After a couple of months of well-received Alpha and Beta testing, we’re now officially opening the datacenter in production and will soon set it as the default datacenter for new resources!

Be aware that only our Gandi Cloud hosting platform is currently available. This includes: Servers, Volumes, IPs, and Private VLANs. No date is currently set for the launch of Simple Hosting and Web Accelerators on FR-SD3. These are currently only available on our other datacenters in Paris and Luxembourg (FR-SD2 and LU-BI1, respectively).

We would like to thank all of you for helping test this new infrastructure and for having shared your feedback with us.

It’s important to note that resource usage on this datacenter is no longer free, and the pricing scale in place on our other datacenters is now implemented for FR-SD3 as well.

Feel free to contact our Hosting Support team for any and all questions, comments, impressions, or thoughts. Or, alternatively, share them with us by emailing feedback@gandi.net.