FR-SD3: Official opening May 15, 2017

After all around excellent results and feedback during our alpha and beta testing phases, we now have the pleasure of announcing that our new datacenter in Paris, FR-SD3, will be officially opening in production on May 15, 2017!

Starting on this date, FR-SD3 will be set to host your production infrastructure, though this also means that the conditions under which we were able to offer free hosting on this datacenter will no longer be in effect. Billing will then revert to the same rates as on our other datacenters. Until May 15, though, FR-SD3 will remain in Beta and hence free of charge.

It’s worth noting that only our Cloud hosting service is currently availble for the moment on the new datacenter, that is: Servers, Volumes, IPs, and Private VLANs. We haven’t set a date yet for launching Simple Hosting and Web Accelerators on FR-SD3, which for now are only available on either of our other two datacenters (FR-SD2 in Paris and LU-BI1 in Luxembourg, respectively).

As always, feel free to contact our Hosting Support team for any and all questions, comments, impressions, or thoughts. Or, alternatively, share them with us by emailing