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Rightside Registry extends DPML service

DPML (Domain Protected Marks List) is one of the mechanisms designed to help rights holders strategically protect their intellectual property on the internet. Certain registry operators offer to block the registration of trademarks validated by TMCH (Trademark Clearinghouse) in the TLDs they manage.

Rightside, who operates forty odd TLDs, some of the most popular of which include .live, .news, .pub, .sale and .auction, recently modified their DPML service on April 17 this year.

The basic service remains unchanged consisting primarily of:

  • A 1 to 10 year period
  • Blocking on all Rightside TLDs
  • Acquisition of expired or suspended domains containing the trademark in question (aka Trademark Drop Catching)

The new version of DPML that Rightside now expects to introduce consists of:

  • An extended protection of up to 10 confusingly similar terms similar to the trademark in question (e.g. typographical variations, trademark associated with other terms) on all 200 IDN supported by these TLDs
  • Coverage of “Premium” domains
  • Free additional override option if the owner of a trademark would like to be able to activate a domain covered by Rightside’s DPML program

Rightside is making these improvements taking their cues from Donuts’s DPML Plus program (available until May 31, 2017) in order to offer greater benefits to trademark holders.

Gandi’s Corporate services of course are available should you wish to use Rightside’s DMPL with your trademark as well as for any other questions you may have.