Previously corporate-only, .gl is now open to all at Gandi.

According to the Saga of Erik the Red when the explorer’s 980 AD expedition first settled on the southwest coast of a new island west of Iceland, he called it Grœnland, Old Norse for Greenland because “people would be eager to go there if it had a good name.”

And while Greenland is more well-known as a land of ice and tundra on the northernmost edge of civilization than for being actually green, it is also known as a place of serene beauty, with calving glaciers, muskox, and, this time of year, the midnight sun casting its peachy glow across the nordic horizon.

While these special treats await the adventurous traveller, just as with .ie last week, we are pleased to announce that Greenland’s own TLD, .gl, is no longer as difficult to access as its northern ice fjords thanks to Gandi obtaining accreditation directly with Telepost Registry, the .gl registry.

We want to note that this means that not only are .gl domains as wide open as an arctic ice field for anyone to register, so are a good chunk of second-level domains as well, including:,,,, and All of these, including .gl itself, are all available for $55.73* per year at A rates.


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*Prices in USD. See .gl price page for local prices.