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The Irish TLD, .ie is now available

While previously it was reserved to Corporate subscribers, the Irish TLD, .ie, is now available for everyone to register at Gandi, provided registrants respect some of the .ie registry’s stricter-than-typical registration rules.

As a global registrar, operating on multiple continents, one of our goals is accreditation by all registries, even local ones with particular rules that are sometimes difficult to comply with.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to follow all the registry’s rules while also providing a quick and accessible registration process and so for various administrative and technical reasons we sometimes interface with a third party. Sometimes we are accredited, but don’t have the capability to directly communicate with the registry and in some cases registries don’t allow domain registration or management without a manual, paper process.

These are the extensions which are handled by our Corporate services team and require a Corporate subscription.

But we’re constantly working to chip away at the TLDs that have to go through our Corporate team in order to open them up to the widest possible market. So we’re happy to a announce that you can now register a .ie domain at Gandi without a Corporate subscription.

Be aware that registrants must respect the .ie registry’s rules, providing that IE domain names are open only to persons having a connection with Ireland:

The domain name must correspond to the first name and surname (for Irish citizens or residents) or to the corporate name of the holder of the domain name, or to the registered trademark belonging to the holder of the domain name. See Registry’s registration policies here.

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