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Ten thousand @gandi_net followers

Last week, in the middle of, well, a pretty intense week, we passed an important milestone: we now have 10,000 followers on our @gandi_net Twitter handle.

Sure, hitting those nice round numbers isn’t that meaningful, but we think that’s significant. And we’re not too far behind, considering, on our primary English-language Twitter account @gandibar, which counts almost 7,500 followers.

Some of you may be aware of our slogan: No Bullshit, and these two words are our guide for responding to you our customers no matter the platform on which you choose to communicate with us and we take special care to make it so on social networks as well. On a daily basis, that means we make sure everyone within the company has some participation in our social media presence.

We don’t have, strictly speaking, a “community manager” at Gandi or any “social media strategist” or a “social media war room,” just a handful of employees who, in addition to their other roles within the organization, take care of replying to your questions and concerns as they come up on social media, which ensures as close to twenty-four hour coverage as possible.

A typical day starts, for example, in Taiwan, where Claire, who manages communications for Gandi Asia along with Eva and Flora from our Customer care team, are the first shift to come online, in Chinese, English, and French.

Starting at 8 AM local time in Paris, Sophie and Guillaume, the heads of communication and Customer care respectively, take the reigns, with the help of a rotating team of customer care agents like Carole or Loïc. Laura handles questions in Spanish and Lin Xao covers Chinese language social media.

Starting at 8 AM in San Francisco, Andrew from our communications team there and Arthur, from Customer care collaborate to manage any unanswered requests in English, French, and Spanish that may still be pending and those that come in during their shifts, which last until 5 PM, or 8 AM in Taipei when Claire, Ivy, and Eva take over again.

Of course, the team we’ve listed above are just those replying directly through our official Gandi handles. When requests come through on Twitter or Facebook, the whole Gandi team sometimes helps with more difficult questions. Sometimes Gandi employees will even reply directly from their own personal handles.

Questions that come up on social media can involve anything from legal, contractual questions, to network administration issues, and other subjects that need specialists from our Legal, Sysadmin, and Customer care team to answer, and when they do, members from those teams are ready to lend a hand.

Ten thousand followers is quite a landmark, especially considering that we did it all “organically,” without promoting or boosting any tweets.

This is just to say thank you to all those who helped by clicking that Share button, whether when you see us in your TL or when you click the one all the way up there on the header of an article like this one. Speaking of which, to celebrate this milestone (and since it’s Wednesday), to the first 10 people to share this article on Twitter we’ll send a little special prize.

Otherwise, if we can make it to 10,000 followers on @gandibar too, then we’ll have to do you one better …