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Improvements to domain name lists on #gandiv5

When we launched our new #gandiv5 platform, we promised ongoing improvements to the platform over time, in response to specific needs identified by our users in the course of using the new site. Since then, we have regularly added new features and fixed issues with the interface. Last week, we updated the way domains are listed in order to accommodate some of the issues that kept coming up for our users, especially, “Where are my domains?”

The first version of our interface organized domain listing by organization. When connecting to the Dashboard, only the domain names owned by users as individuals and not through an organization would be shown, and to display the other domains you needed to use the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the Dashboard to switch between the different organizations under which different domains would be listed.

But in light of the serious confusion that this kind of interface caused for our users, we have changed that. Now, all the domains that you have access to, whether as an individual owner or through an organization, are by default displayed in the Dashboard.

This way, you can choose to view all of your domains in alphabetical order or by expiration date and above all, you can now filter by organization thanks to the the new selection module in the upper left of the list.

This new feature will soon be further improved with the following advanced functions:

  • the option to filter and select data related to domains
  • bulk edit options, for users managing a large number of Gandi products
  • addition, display, and filtering by tag
  • the option to export data in different formats

As always, do not hesitate to send us feedback about these latest updates by writing to It was, after all, thanks to all of your feedback we were able to add these functionalities and improve our product.