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Gandi Cloud available on #gandiV5

If you have been waiting for the ability to manage Cloud resources to activate your account on our new website, then you’ll be happy to hear that we have started deploying the necessary features!

The current version, that you have maybe already seen appear on your dashboard earlier this week is limited, for the moment, to some basic functions:

  • creation and deletion of servers,
  • stopping and starting.

If you are already using Gandi Cloud, you can use both interfaces to manage your products, including those created on #gandiv5. Consequently, this is an excellent way to test the new interface to create new machines, while conserving the possibility of managing them via your old management interface.

In other news, we are announcing the end of the old credit system and complex calculations. Under the new model, you indicate an amount or duration for your Cloud resources. Finally, we don’t invoice for bandwidth any longer.

Of course, our Hosting Customer Support team is at your disposal for any additional question you may have on the subject. You are also encouraged to consult our online documentation which will be updated as we continue to add to our interface.