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Simple Hosting S+SSL for the price of S

Last September, we announced the creation of a new Simple Hosting instance “size” — the Small+SSL. With a Small+SSL instance, you could get a free, automatic SSL certificate installed on your sites without having to go up a level to an M-sized instance, which is generally overpowered for instances hosting five or less sites.

In the meantime, Google has been taking laudable steps to move the internet closer to 100% encryption such as favoring secure sites (those using https://) in their search engine results. Starting in July, Google Chrome also alerted anyone navigating to websites not protected by SSL/TLS. And furthermore, in the realm of domain names, .app and soon .page, both managed by Google’s registry, will be entire TLDs that can only be connected to websites that use SSL.

All of this attests to just how important getting an SSL certificate for your website can be! So, to help make things a bit easier, this September all month we’re offering a discount on Small+SSL instances. All month, you can get a Small+SSL instance for the same price as a size S instance, no matter how long you choose to sign up for.

If you’d like to use this offer, you can do so using the code SHSPLUS when you create your new Small+SSL instance.

And if you would like to make your existing S-sized instance into an S+SSL instance, just go to your Simple Hosting management page in your Gandi dashboard, click on the name of the instance from the list and click “Change size.” Then, choose the S+SSL size and add it to your basket. When you check out, use the SHSPLUS code at the payment phase.

One recommended tip: renew your instance for as long as possible before you upgrade it to size S+SSL. That way, you pay to renew your instance at the price it costs to renew a size S instance. Upgrading to size S+SSL is free.

Please note: this promotion cannot be combined with the 50% off coupon provided to domain name customers.