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Aug 16, 2017  - written by  in Security

We’re continuing our gradual deployment of products and features on #gandiV5 and this week, we’re introducing our SSL certificate management service, now available on the administrative interface of our new platform.

There’s more, though. Leveraging this new integration, we were able to add more advanced features and services than we were previously able to offer.

First and foremost, we’re rolling out a new type of Simple Hosting instance: the Small+SSL which, as its name indicates, allows you to install an SSL certificate on a size S Simple Hosting instance, at a lower cost than a size M instance. Previously, a size M or higher was required to be able to install SSL.

With this new instance size, even sites on instances that don’t require the added resources a size M instance offers can nonetheless be secured.

A second piece of good news is that on #gandiv5, Standard, one-address Gandi SSL certificates are free for Simple Hosting. You just need to create a site or link domain to your instance and complete the DNS configuration to be able to create a free certificate through the certificate creation process.

Once your certificate is attributed to you, it will be installed automatically on your instance and your site will be accessible via https, for free (and will stay free, even if you transfer your domain away from Gandi).

Better yet, renewal of these certificates will be automatic, for as long as you renew your Simple Hosting instance. In addition, this feature will also be available on our Load Balancers, once they become available on our #gandiv5 Cloud* service.

This new service is made possible by the added feature of automatic generation and validation of certificates without any intervention on your part required. You can buy a Pro or Business certificate to use on our hosting products as well and opt for automatic generation and installation.

Of course, as with any new products or features, there will always be some kinks to smooth out and the new SSL management service is no exception. But don’t worry, our Customer care team is here to help. Just open a ticket here at Also, if you have thoughts or comments about this or any other new product or feature in #gandiv5, we want to hear from you! Feel free to send any input you may have to

* Auto-generated free certificates will not be available for our Cloud Server product on #gandiv5 but we encourage you to get a free certificate from Let’s Encrypt, a project Gandi supports.

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    That’s great news Sophie, thank you for letting us know!!

    Now I have some questions about the Small+SSL instance. I have currently a M instance, because I need a SSL certificate on it. I manually installed and renew a Let’s Encrypt certificate, so the free and auto-renewal of the new offer is great for me!!

    The actual cost is €8.00 per month (before VAT), and the v5 gives different prices: M is €9.84, and Small+SSL is €7.38 (S is currently €4.00 and will increase to €4.92 ?). Please could you explain the prices changes?

    I also have an extra 10 GB, that I don’t use any more since you gracefully extended the default disk space from 10 to 20 GB 😉 Will it be possible to decrease the disk space, or will it be still increase only, like it is now?

    So, once my reseller account is migrated to #GandiV5, would I be able to downgrade my instance from M to S+SSL? (Or create a new one and migrate if the disk space is still locked ?)

    Finally, will it be still possible to change the PHP version (5.6 or 7.x)

    Kind regards


      Hi Hervé! I’m not clear on what your question is about the price change. Would you care to clarify? Otherwise, you would be able to downgrade from M to S+SSL, but we don’t currently have a feature for downgrading the disk space selected. So in your case you’d probably need to just migrate to a new instance. On the other hand, I suggest checking with our hosting support team on this question too at


    Je suis sur simple Hosting XL et google me demande de passer en https. Est ce que je dois migrer vers gandiV5 et ceci se fera automatiquement ou devrais-je tout faire manuellement. JE suis un peu novice sur ce cote la
    Je vous remercie pour toute precision

      Bonjour Samar !
      Le plus simple serait d’ouvrir un ticket auprès du service client sur Un agent du support vous expliquera tout ça de manière détaillée.
      Belle fin de journée !


    Hi, any date / month when this will be available to resellers too ? Thanks


      No precise date yet, sorry, but it’s planned to be completed by the end of 2017.


    Like other users, I’m not enjoying the forced migration. V5 feels like somewhere between an alpha and a beta.

    The main problem here is that you’ve built in functionality to force people across (e.g. webmail account alterations must occur under the new system), before you’ve had enough time to incorporate feedback from lead users to polish the new version. Pushing through the majority of your user base before you’ve refined the version makes no sense and is causing us a lot of hassle.

    I wonder if this is connected to pricing changes – e.g. the bug with different domain pricing and the reduction in free inboxes from five to two. If so that makes no sense – you have the right to shove up prices (and customers to leave if unhappy) any time. There’s no need to push through an unfinished new version to align with bringing forward revenue increases.

    I joined recently (in June) and appreciated the old style but well developed interface. The new version is messy and will remain so until you’ve had time to refine with further feedback and GUI testing. I’d prefer that work to be done by other people, i.e. lead user volunteers. There was no need to encourage across your user base so prematurely.

    [N.B. As a minor example, this form itself has a spelling mistake – “Website (Optionnel)” rather than “Website (Optional)” – which could have easily been identified with a slower roll out.]

      Hi Tom,
      First of all, #gandiV5 is not a bad excuse we use to change our pricing or our offer.
      Our new interface is our response to a changing market, with new usages, new needs, new technology.
      Gandi Mail new offer, or LiveDNS, or Organizations & Teams, or automatic SSL, etc., are new features we needed a new platform for, our legacy one being now too old to let us integrate new products/features.
      To get #gandiV5 out, we had to made some choices, some good, some not, but we knew that we would start for the simpler usecase (one user with only few domains) to deploy, test, fix, improve along the way, and we still are in this continuous deployment process, adding more and more complex features and advances views.
      We’re at the very moment in the process of optimizing complex views and filters, and we would be very happy to have you on board. Would you agree to talk with our UI/UX team?
      NB: We’re fixing this spelling mistake (actually a translation problem) immediately, thanks for the heads up.