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SSL certificates on #gandiv5

We’re continuing our gradual deployment of products and features on #gandiV5 and this week, we’re introducing our SSL certificate management service, now available on the administrative interface of our new platform.

There’s more, though. Leveraging this new integration, we were able to add more advanced features and services than we were previously able to offer.

First and foremost, we’re rolling out a new type of Simple Hosting instance: the Small+SSL which, as its name indicates, allows you to install an SSL certificate on a size S Simple Hosting instance, at a lower cost than a size M instance. Previously, a size M or higher was required to be able to install SSL.

With this new instance size, even sites on instances that don’t require the added resources a size M instance offers can nonetheless be secured.

A second piece of good news is that on #gandiv5, Standard, one-address Gandi SSL certificates are free for Simple Hosting. You just need to create a site or link domain to your instance and complete the DNS configuration to be able to create a free certificate through the certificate creation process.

Once your certificate is attributed to you, it will be installed automatically on your instance and your site will be accessible via https, for free (and will stay free, even if you transfer your domain away from Gandi).

Better yet, renewal of these certificates will be automatic, for as long as you renew your Simple Hosting instance. In addition, this feature will also be available on our Load Balancers, once they become available on our #gandiv5 Cloud* service.

This new service is made possible by the added feature of automatic generation and validation of certificates without any intervention on your part required. You can buy a Pro or Business certificate to use on our hosting products as well and opt for automatic generation and installation.

Of course, as with any new products or features, there will always be some kinks to smooth out and the new SSL management service is no exception. But don’t worry, our Customer care team is here to help. Just open a ticket here at Also, if you have thoughts or comments about this or any other new product or feature in #gandiv5, we want to hear from you! Feel free to send any input you may have to

* Auto-generated free certificates will not be available for our Cloud Server product on #gandiv5 but we encourage you to get a free certificate from Let’s Encrypt, a project Gandi supports.