On Monday, on our internal distribution list, we received an invitation to celebrate a Gandiversary (yes, we make up words sometimes too)… and what a Gandiversary!

This Thursday we celebrated 17 years of Soraya, whom some of our oldest customers will know from having read our blog or exchanged email with when submitting a support ticket. Soraya has worked on our Customer Care team since November 5, 2001, and as she said so well herself, “after 17 tremendous years in production, rollback, and rock ‘n’ roll, the Gandi adventure continues.”

And it’s been only adventures, in 17 years, at Gandi.

Soraya has seen three major updates to our platform (do you remember?) …


… and in 2008 witnessed the introduction of our hosting services, which allowed us to be the first to offer Cloud hosting to the general public.

After the creation of our Research and Development department in 2012, the development of dedicated tools for our reseller customers and the arrival of Gandi Corporate in 2014, Soraya also went through the 2015 the arrival of new TLDs and learned along with the rest of us the new rules involved and how to interact with the many new registries created.

And with the opening of our offices in Baltimore in 2010 (later moved to San Francisco), Luxembourg in 2011, and Taiwan in 2014, Soraya has seen Gandi go from a small core of dedicated employees (seven in 2005 and fifty-six in 2010), to a company that employs nearly 140 people on three continents!

Today, Gandi continues developing, with a new, more modern platform, above all oriented towards helping everyone be able to acquire and manage their own domain name and integrate it to any service they wish to.

In just a few weeks, we will be covering the challenges facing Gandi in 2019, but most of all we want to take advantage of this Gandiversary to thank Soraya, Customer Care, and all of our teams that work everyday to improve the experience of our users and offer you good customer service, including (and above all!) when we go through difficult periods.

And because this marvelous human adventure could not continue without you and the numerous bits of feedback you provide us with, we have you, our users, to thank for your support and for continuing to choose Gandi.

Happy Gandiversary, Soraya!