Updates and releases

Prices are increasing for .io, .ac, and .sh

The registry for .io, .ac, and .sh domains recently informed us about a price increase of about 10% starting January 1, 2019.

Registrations, transfers, and renewals of .io domains will increase from $35.00* to $38.00*, and for .ac and .sh domains will go from $43.02* to $47.32*.

If you have one of these domains and want to keep it for the long term, we highly recommend that you renew it now for the maximum registration period. Since you can renew a domain before it expires, that way you can pay less in the long term than if you wait until the price increases to renew your domains.

Renew your register your domains:

*Prices in USD. See .ac, .sh, and .io pricing pages for local prices.