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Try out #gandiv5 with a demo account

After two years, the new #gandiv5 platform is not so new anymore, even though we are constantly adding new features and improving on what’s already there. As we prepare to close down v4 permanently, the final remaining unmigrated accounts are slowly diminishing as more and more people migrate to the new, more intuitive and more comprehensible new version of the site.

Why move to #gandiv5?

A lot of our customers have who’ve tried out the new site have also helped us identify pain points and other pieces that need improvement and week by week we’ve been taking this all into account to make v5 more desirable for those hesitant to migrate.

What’s more, with v4 no longer updated, if you choose to migrate to the new version of the site, you can take advantage of the following features:

Greater account security: account security management for beginners and experts alike

V5 lets you “layer” features to add greater security to your account:

  •  U2F: two-factor authentication that uses encyrption and a USB or NFC device to authenticate a login ssession
  • TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password): a temporary, unique password generated based on a shared secret used to authenticate a login session
  • IP restriction: a process for restricting access to a count to a range of pre-defined IP addresses

New DNS servers with real-time updates

Our new DNS servers:

  • are updated in real time in order to minimize propagation delays
  • use anycast technology that makes it so our infrastructure is spread out across multiple machines across the globe, reducing the risk of downtime
  • let you activate DNSSEC in one click, securing DNS communications
  • manage more types of DNS record than our previous servers

Free HTPS forwarding

HTTPS is today unavoidable and a good best practice for website hosting. To help make HTTPS universal, you can now forward your domain name in HTTPS at Gandi for free, in one click.

Bespoke permissions management

V5 lets you work collaboratively using ‘organizations’ and permissions by ‘team’ or work group. You can thereby give individual accounts access to all or part of your account with the right degree of rights delegation.

Save and automate your favorite technical configurations

On #gandiv5, you create and save technical configuration templates for your domains that let you pre-define DNS servers, DNS records, automatic mailbox creation, or forwarding. You can then apply these templates to your existing domains or when you buy new domains.

Complete management via your mobile device

You can quickly and easily manage your domains in #gandiv5 on your mobile device thanks to the responsive design of our website that adapts based on what kind of device you’re using. That way you can manage and renew your products on any device.

Still not convinced by #gandiv5?

You can test it out with a demo account! The username is “demo” and the password is “dem0-dem0.”

If you want to see what your account will look like in the new version, there’s no risk in activating your new account. In reseller mode, you can switch between one interface and the other, so long as you don’t buy domains or activate any services specific to v5.

How much longer will v4 be available?

We intend to keep v4 available as long as possible, but in order to continue to improve certain options and products, we cannot maintain complete compatibility between the two versions indefinitely and we’ll likely need to block certain features.

For this reason, we recommend that you activate your v5 account, try it out, and let us know if there’s any points that still cause you problems so that we can fix them sooner rather than latter. Feel free to contact us at