The Gandi Community

Gandi Supports Framasoft

Gandi is joining the list of Framasoft’s sponsors as of September 10, 2019. The association is also integrating the catalog of Gandi’s supporting projects.

Created in 2004 and based on Lyon, France, Framasoft is a network of popular education projects having to do with tech. As a supported project, Framasoft gets their .org domain for free, helping it and other projects like it to grow and develop.

This partnership formalizes and celebrates 15 years of mutual trust as well as our shared values and commitments:

  • A free internet: cultivating open source projects is a pre-requisite for both of us
  • A decentralized internet: providing an alternative to centralized monopolies is another common point for both organizations
  • An ethical internet: protecting the rights of users, especially with regards to the privacy of their personal data, is also a common commitment
  • A collaborative internet: building a network of cooperation and solidarity is the ultimate project of both Gandi and Framasoft

With this partnership, Gandi and Framasoft together affirm their desire to move forward together in the same direction.