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For our 20th Anniversary, Gandi supports Reconnect

For our 20th anniversary, we’re shining a spotlight on our Gandi Supports partners.

These projects will be the main benefactors of our Gandi 20th anniversary collector t-shirt design contest, using the hashtag #PrintMyGandi.

The three winners of the t-shirt design contest will each get 10 copies of their design and will each choose the project to which proceeds from the sale of their design will go, from among the Gandi supports projects partnering with us for our 20th anniversary.

What’s more, the top winner of the contest will also win a Fairphone, the ethical phone that cares for the environment and the well-being of its inhabitants.

What is Reconnect?

Nothing to do with a wizard able to repair your WiFi from afar, Reconnect is an organization with a much more important and serious mission—helping disadvantaged populations (primarily the homeless) to digitize their personal identifying documents and to make them available to those who need them.

You’re likely very familiar with the need to provide copies of IDs for administrative functions, a paycheck, proof of residence, car insurance, and social security number.

Now, think of the large majority of us who are “digitally equipped” and who have the option to file these documents in a safe space at home. This is unfortunately not the case for the people Reconnect serves. And that’s where they serve a major role in the social rehabilitation of people.

Thanks to digitization and conservation of their documents but also thanks to the many Reconnect relays that are deseminated through France (even overseas French territories), with a staff skilled at stocking and retrieving documents as well as assisting people effectively in all their uses.

It’s the Cloud for the common good, and it’s 100% French.

Supported project

The goal of the Gandi supports program is to support projects (principally from assocations and NGOs) that work for the common good (the planet, animals, minorities, etc.) or to promote the free software industry. This support translates into assistance in the form of Gandi products, advice, and experience in order to bring real help in accordance with the needs of the project in question.

Reconnect is part of our supported projects program. In order to support their actions, Gandi provides their domain name for free as well as hosting resources.