The Gandi Community

Gandi’s 20 year celebration continues: get ready to play!

The Gandi 20th year adventure continues—Here we are on the eve of the second stage in our 20th anniversary adventure. Now that our uniforms are just about ready, Gandi-One, our spatio-temporal vehicle, takes flight.

Starting next week, a temporal rift will open once a month in it wake. You’ll have 48 hours, then, to re-establish contact thanks to our Time Machine and try your luck at winning a prize at lottery.wheel.

Each month, thousands of prizes are up for grabs: domain names, coupons, t-shirts, tablets, drones, smartwatches, VR headsets, video games, miniservers, and more!

Each time you participate will be an additional opportunity to win the trip when we do our big drawing at the end of the year.

Get ready to take up the challenge. We’re counting on you on this perilous mission.

Debrief your mission.