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Better understanding the implications of GMOs with Inf’OGM

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Gandi is strongly committed to celebrating our supported projects. This month, allow us to present Inf’OGM, the citizen watchdog association monitoring GMOs, biotechnology, and seeds.

What is Inf’OGM?

GMO in French is “OGM,” and the goal of Inf’OGM is real transparency in the debate around Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) through sharing information, deciphering, and contributing.

Inf’OGM is a non-profit organization that analyzes world news about GMOs and provides a unique French-speaking news service as a citizen watchdog. They also cover biotechnology, seed production, and the privatization of living organisms. Their mission is to foster and grow democratic debate through critical, independent, and publicly accessible news and information.

Gandi Supports

The “Gandi Supports” program aims to support projects (most often non-profits) that are committed to doing good for the planet, to animals, to minorities, and the internet. To support Inf’OGM, we provide their domain name and a Simple Hosting instance, but also development advice and production specification assistance for the modification of digital capital (i.e. websites, tools, and databases).

Why raise awareness around GMOs?

GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), can be plants, animals, mushrooms, or even microorganisms that have been genetically modified by humans in order to give them new characteristics.

To make a long story short, GMOs first appeared in the United States at the beginning of the 1990s, then on the European market in 1996. Since then, numerous questions on the economic, health, environmental, and ethical questions surrounding GMOs have emerged. To respond to them, the European Union first decided to implement a de facto moratorium in 1999 on new GMO approvals. For five years, numerous scientific and political actors have shined a new light on this problem. The debate around GMOs (old and new) continues today as much within French society as at an international level, regarding the merits of choosing to develop and market this new technology as well as the regulatory issues surrounding it.

You may also support Inf’OGM yourselves: