Updates and releases

Cozy Drive, your file storage partner

Prepare for the Fall with 5 GB free on your Cozy Cloud that you can use to back up your photos, store files, and save documents on the cloud. Install Cozy Cloud directly on your Gandi domain and trust in this open source personal cloud where you can control your own data.

Use Cozy Drive to store and share your files

The summer is ending and with Fall approaching soon, if you’re hoping to keep your summer memories warm, Cozy Drive is the place for you!

Cozy Drive, an application on the Cozy platform, is for saving and synchronizing all of your documents, whether that’s photos, files, or invoices. Store, manage, and share all of them in complete security.

No more worries about finding your documents thanks to Cozy Drive: they’re all available online, on your computer, your smartphone, or your tablet, and arranged in customizable folders so that they can be accessible anywhere at any time.

And in your Cozy, the Drive app lays the foundation for your persona cloud, from which you can:

  • get 5 GB of free storage space
  • share, save, scan, transfer, and sort all of your documents
  • and access them at any time, even off line
  • sync with all of your devices
  • protect your files in a truly secure space, guaranteed by a team of security experts

How does it work?

To access Cozy Drive, you should first of all install Cozy on your Gandi Simple Hosting instance. Follow our guide—installing Cozy is easy and can be done in just a few clicks.

Once your Cozy is installed, log in and go to your Drive.

Cozy Cloud Drive Interface

From the Drive interface, you can very easily create folders and import files, but also share them by email or by creating a shareable link.

To ensure the security of your data and your peace of mind, sync your different devices to avoid losing any files!

Then you’ll have no excuse for not being able to find your documents.

And if you need any help with installing or managing your Cozy, feel free to contact them by filling out this online contact form.