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Cozy Notes, your digital, collaborative notepad

September is here and with it, so is the Fall, and the start of a new academic year. This semester, we suggest freeing yourself from your notebooks and loose leaf paper while taking contorl over your data. Even if you’re going to school in person, Cozy Notes is your new collaborative note-taking best friend and can be installed directly on your Simple Hosting instance!

Your notes, everywhere, all the time

Cozy Notes is a collaborative, Cozy Cloud app that lets you create notes, save them, and find them in your personal Drive, all in the blink of an eye.

Thanks to the collaborative function of Cozy Notes, share your ideas as you see fit! According to your needs, you can invite a collaborator to work on the same document simultaneously or just give them read-only access.

With Cozy Cloud, your ideas aren’t stored anywhere else but in your own hosting space, so that your ideas stay yours!

How to access Cozy Notes

Cozy Notes is available in the Cozy Store. You should, then, first install your Cozy on your Gandi Simple Hosting instance, which can be done quickly and easily.

Once your Cozy is installed, log in and select the Notes app.


And there you have it! Add a note and give free reign to your creativity!

And for those in need of assistance to install or manage your Cozy, feel free to fill out this form for help.