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A dedicated offer for small and medium sized businesses, customized to your needs

Because we know that the day-to-day of small and medium sized businesses takes elbow grease and flexibility if nothing else, we came up with à la carte options to help optimize your online presence and ensure the security of your business online. Custom support, where you maintain control. Find out more about our small and medium sized business offer.

Everything you need for your online presence, all in a one interface

In order to make your day-to-day easier, all the products that are essential to your business’s online presence are available from a single, secure, and easy-to-use interface: Gandi’s administrative interface.

A full range of features

From Gandi’s admin interface, you can access a full range of features related to your online business:

  • Domain names
  • Hosting solutions
  • Professional mailboxes
  • SSL certificates

Designed to be easily accessible for anyone, this interface gives you the keys to drive your online presence yourself, with complete independence.

Collaborative management to optimize teamwork

Our collaborative, team-based management system lets you define user profiles and freely attribute permissions to them based on each of their areas of responsibility. That way, each collaborator can work on their tasks independently without compromising the security of your products.

Security enhanced by multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication provides additional protection to your account and those of your team. This feature guarantees that you are the only person who can access your account, even if your password is compromised by a third party. Do you prefer an additional, single-use password valid for only 60 seconds, or a physical security key? The choice is yours!

On demand services to meet your exact needs

Choose from a large catalog of top-level domains

Gandi’s catalog of top-level domains is more than 750 strong: a large selection of domains that gives you the chance to pick original domains that will help you stand out, but also could help you expand into new markets.

Localized top-level domains create trust with visitors to your website. They help you penetrate new markets and lend you greater legitimacy. However, some of these domains do require a physical address in the country in question in order to register them. That’s why we offer a Trustee service in order to give you access to the domains with more demanding registration requirements: we provide a local presence or we register the domain name for your account according to the rules each domain has.

And if you feel a little lost among all these options, our domain suggestion tool is available to help you choose the ideal top-level domain for your business.

Priority registration and cybersquatting protection thanks to TMCH

With the domain name market nearly saturated for classic domains like .com, ICANN (the organization that regulates the attribution of domain names on the internet) has, since 2013, progressively introduced hundreds of new top-level domains (new gTLDs). These new options let companies target their markets with more precision.

Today, dozens of top-level domains are still left to be introduced. In particular, .contact is highly anticipated, and will be available for priority registration until November 28, 2020. During the launch of one of these new top-level domains, a period of priority registration is implemented, commonly known as the “Sunrise phase”, during which only domains that correspond to trademarks registered with the TMCH (Trademark Clearing House) can be purchased, and only by the owner of the trademark. So in order to register your domain name in priority, Gandi allows you to subscribe to this international trademark protection mechanism.

By opting for the TMCH service (Trademark Clearing House), you also benefit from active monitoring of your trademark on new top-level domains. If a third party registers a domain name that corresponds to your trademark, you’ll be automatically notified, which will let you take the appropriate measures to protect yourself from cybersquatting. Since the end of August, this notification system was also extended to registrations of .com domains that use trademarks protected by TMCH.

In addition, during the domain launch phases (besides Sunrise) and at least during the first 90 days after General Availability of a new top-level domain, if a third party tries to register a domain name that corresponds to your trademark, they will be informed in real time of your rights to the trademark. The fact of deciding to proceed with the registration of the domain anyway despite this notification can contribute to proving the third party registration was done in bad faith should you decide to proceed to an extra-judicial remediation process.

Guarantee the availbility of your online services

The availability of your DNS servers is essential for ensuring the availability of your websites but also of all the digital services attached to your domain names, most notably your email addresses. The main threat lies in DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks that take down DNS servers by flooding them with requests, to the point that it threatens your online activities. So to limit the potential impact of a possible outage on our infrastructure and to protect you from the consequences of ongoing attacks, Gandi has decided to give you the option of benefiting from a fourth logical DNS server in addition to the LiveDNS service that relies on Cloudflare’s Anycast infrastructure via the Premium DNS option. That way, the risk is spread out and you can better ensure the continued availability of your online business.

Implemented in just a few seconds, without any interruption of service and keeping Gandi’s DNS record configuration interface for your DNS records, you can activate the Premium DNS option on your own from your user interface.

Benefit from Gandi’s exprtise for all your projects

Do you have a major project you need some help with? In 45 minute time slots, on demand and with no commitment, our team is available to respond to your questions and share their expertise on the following subjects:

  • Creating a strategy for transferring your domain name portfolio without interruption of service
  • Recommendations on domains to register to secure your online presence and avoid cybersquatting and other abusive practices
  • Recommendations on key subjects to maximize the success of your online business

It’s very easy to use: after submitting a short description of your project to us, a Gandi expert will contact you to set up a date and time to talk on the phone, all while gathering the necessary information in order to prepare for the conversation and to be able to provide the answers to all your problems. At the end of the conversation, we’ll write up a report and send it to you, reiterating the recommendations made by our team of experts.

For more flexibility, each of these options is available à la carte. Feel free to contact our team for a presentation en graeter detail on our small to medium sized business services or to answer any questions you may have, at the address