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Cozy Banks, your bank account managing assistant

Easy and intuitive, Cozy Banks is a banking app created by Cozy Cloud for their personal, open source cloud, Cozy. In just one click, the app connects to your expenses, like your utility bills for example, and other spending, so that you can FINALLY keep track of all your spending.

And now you can discover this app for yourself on your Gandi domain.

The tracking app for all your accounts

Cozy Banks is the banking app integrated with your Cozy digital Cloud that is designed to help you keep track of your back accounts. It lists all of your transactions so that you can track your own spending.

The idea behind Cozy Banks is to reinvent banking aggregation services. The good part, that Cozy Banks keeps, is the ability to see in a single view, in the blink of an eye, all your different accounts across multiple banks, and analyze your budget line by line. What Cozy Banks does differently is combine this with your other personal data.

The advantage you get with Cozy Banks is that all of your banking accounts show up in a single interface. With more than 50 banking institutions integrated, you’ll more than likely find yours, and then benefit from a global view of your spending, all in one place. It couldn’t be simpler to get a handle on your expenses!

And since one of the things that sets Cozy apart is that retrieves your bills (electricity, phone, internet, etc.) and other documents so that everything feeds into a single interface that lets you keep track of your spending an expenses in one place.

Having a personal cloud provides a wide range of possibilities, like automatic notifications for when you have a bill due. So say goodbye to spending forever checking each of your accounts, Cozy Banks will do it for you!

Thanks to Cozy Banks, you can:

  • Access all your accounts, even across different banks, in a single interface
  • Check your expenses with the help of automatically generated bills
  • Set up budget alert by spending category
  • Create your own low-balance alerts
  • Rename labels as you see fit
  • Protect your app with a PIN code

The latest app update: recurring payments!
Since paying rent or gym membership, paying down a credit card, reimbursing a loan, or even refilling your child’s lunch money means regular daily, weekly, or monthly payments.

Cozy Banks now provides you with a view of all your recurring payments in a single view.

And all of this while maintaining the privacy of your data!

How to install Cozy Banks

You can find Cozy Banks in the Cozy Store. First, you’ll need Cozy installed on your Gandi domain, which can be done quickly and easily.

Once you have installed Cozy:

  • Go to the “Banks” tab
  • Click on “Add a bank”
  • Choose your bank
  • Click on “Install”
  • Enter your login information to access your account

And there you go! After a couple of minutes of importing, your banking account data will be available via your Cozy interface.

If you need any help with installing or managing your Cozy, feel free to fill out this form.