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Increase your uptime with Premium DNS

Whatever their size, businesses are more and more frequently threatened by cyberattacks. In the first half of 2020, the number of DDoS attacks increased by 151%. Though a direct consequence of the COVID-19 global pandemic, nothing’s stopping this high rate of DDoS attacks from subsiding once the crisis has passed. That’s why we made offering a premium DNS option a priority for our small and medium sized business plan—because the availability of your online services is critical for your online business.

The importance of DNS server availability for your online business

DNS (Domain Name System) servers have a central role in exchanges on the internet. Something of an internet phone book, DNS servers’ primary task is to associate easy-to-remember names (example.com) to the series of numbers that are IP (Internet Protocol) addresses used to connect servers on the internet. When you make a request for a resource by its domain name, it’s DNS servers that connect that name to the IP address of the machine you ultimately connect to.

The availability of DNS servers, then, is an essential point for your websites but also for all your digital services attached to your domain names, including your email addresses, among others.

This critical role also makes DNS servers increasingly strategic targets for cybercriminals. The principal threat are DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks that, by sending massive numbers of requests to your domain’s DNS servers, can disable them and, as a result, render your domain names non-functional, including your email mailboxes.

One option is to rely on using DNS servers on multiple, distinct infrastructures in order to limit the eventual impact of a failure on one or the other of these, and thereby prevent the worst effects of DNS DDoS attacks.

Redundancy thanks to Cloudflare’s infrastructure

Since redundancy is key, Gandi choose to partner with Cloudflare to offer a reputable third-party infrastructure.

With the Premium DNS service, you have the ability to use a fourth logical DNS server associated with your existing Gandi’s LiveDNS servers. This additional logical server uses Cloudflare’s extended Anycast infrastructure, spread across 100 datacenters around the world in order to ensure optimal redundancy.

By including servers both on Gandi’s infrastructure and on Cloudflare’s, the risk is more spread out and the continuity of all the services linked to your domain name is strengthened.

How do you activate Premium DNS?

The Premium DNS services is exclusively available to our business customers. Implementing it only takes a couple of seconds and can be done directly from your Gandi user interface, without interrupting services, and maintaining Gandi’s interface for your DNS management.

If you’re already a Gandi customer and you want to use this service, please feel free to do so, following this quick and easy procedure for activating the service on your own.

If you aren’t a Gandi customer yet, or you just want to know more about Premium DNS, please feel free to contact sme@support.gandi.net and our team of specialists will be happy to show you the service and answer all of your questions.