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The “humain” association is joining our “Gandi Supports” program. Like them, we think that ethics and tech can and should go well together. Philippe Nacson, the organization’s founder, recently agreed to answer our questions and present the “Tech For Life Hub” initiative.

What is the “Tech For Life Hub?”

The Tech For Life Hub is a physical location where minority social entrepreneurs looking to develop tech projects addressing problems related to education, health, or the environment can receive guidance and support.

How did the project come about?

The project is supported by the “humain” association, which is part of an ecosystem created four years ago to promote ethical tech innovations (in AI and robotics). The first goal of our association is to help disadvantaged populations access technology. The idea of the “Tech For Life Hub” has really taken shape after the first lockdown when we observed the way the public health crisis amplified a social divide.

This gave this initiative a sense of urgence. Our priority has become to give voice to and to provide adequate resources to minority social entrepreneurs to address problems they’re directly facing.

What’s the goal of the “Tech For Life Hub?”

The goal — beyond creating a physical space and offering guidance modules on specific themes (AI, business development, finance/accounting, law, marketing & communication) — is to provide a helping hand to social entrepreneurs and to listen to them.

Our support model must be a tool that evolves in line with needs identified to maximize the chances of success of these projects. We will use digital tools to encourage regular contact with mentors from different professional backgrounds

Beyond technical guidance, there’s also an element of human coaching.

Projects applying to the “Tech For Life Hub” should be tech projects in the field of health, education, or the environment.

We will be putting out the call for applications before the end of June.

What is Gandi providing in your process?

Gandi is letting our social entrepreneurs acquire domain names for free. Our partnership with Gandi also helps us gain exposure within their community, which is an important asset for launching our initiative.

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Gandi Supports the Tech For Life Hub

Applications will be opened in June 2021. We will keep you updated.

In the meantime, if you would like to support the “humain” association too, feel free to become a member or give them a donation on their website.