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Secure your important domain names with Advanced DNS

As the threat of cyberattacks becomes greater and greater, domains are becoming a valuable prize for cybercriminals. With DDoS attacks increasing by 150% in the first half of 2020 alone, it’s now essential to protect your digital property. With Advanced DNS, you get a professional service with a service-level agreement to secure your sensitive domains.

Why activate Advanced DNS?

Ensure your online business stays online

Advanced DNS ensures greater uptime for your online business and services by protecting them from DDoS attacks on the DNS servers used by your domain name.

Often overlooked, the DNS (Domain Name System) nonetheless plays an important role in maintaining the availability of your onine services. It’s at the core of the basic functionung of domain names, and so also of websites, and any other digital services attached to it as well, such as email addresses.

If your DNS servers are unavailable, by default that means all your online services will be down. And it’s exactly this strategic role that makes it such a juicy target for cyberattacks, especially DDoS.

By activating Advanced DNS along with LiveDNS, you’ll enjoy:

  • a professional, DNS attack protection service
  • but also additional security options like DNSSEC that protects you from data theft

Limit the impact of cyberattacks with redundant infrastructure

The main threat to your DNS uptime is DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks that, by flooding DNS services with requests, make them unreachable.

One solution to this problem that ensures greater uptime for your DNS servers is hosting them in two distinct locations in order to limit the impact of any network availability issues, and thereby preventing the negative consequences of DNS DDoS attacks.

Since this redundancy is key, Gandi Corporate Services chose to team up with Cloudflare to provide you with a reputable infrastructure option. With Advanced DNS, you’ll get an extra DNS entry associated with Gandi Corporate Services’ existing LiveDNS servers. This extra server logic uses Cloudflare’s extensive Anycast infrastructure, spread across more than 100 datacenters around the globe to ensure optimal redundancy.

That way, by having servers in the Gandi Corporate Services infrastructure and Cloudflare’s at the same time, your risk is better spread out and the continunity of all the services linked to your online activity is strengthened.

Limiter l'impact de cyberattaques grâce de la redondance des infrastructures

Take advantage of a specialized service-level agreement

Advanced DNS is tied to a service-level agreement (or SLA).

When your contract is implemented, we define the evaluation criteria and means of measurement together, in order to better meet your needs and your expectations. Gandi Corporate Services is then contractually obligated to guarantee you the agreed-upon level of service, and pay you compensation if not.

How do you activate Advanced DNS?

Gandi Corporate Services can activate Advanced DNS for you. This gives our agents the opportunity to discuss your needs with you and offer dedicated support by:

  • identifying sensitive and relevant domain names to protect in your domain name portfolio
  • defining the specific SLA

For more information or to activate Advanced DNS, please feel free to contact your dedicated account manager or to email us at