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Gandi Supports: Org Impact Awards

org impact awards

Nominations are open until June 30, 2023 for the Org Impact Awards, an event started by the PIR registry to celebrate the contributions of organizations using .org.

The Org Impact Awards and .org

PIR (Public Interest Registry), is dedicated to working in the public interest to manage the .org domain ending, but not only that — it also manages .ngo and .ong domain names. Highly involved in promoting and supporting non-profit organizations, PIR created the Org Impact Awards, whose goal is to celebrate and reward organizations that use .org for their website and who make a significant, positive impact in the world.

The Org Impact Awards help highlight those who have stood out in the different category areas below.

Over the course of the Org Impact Awards, .org organizations will be recognized in 7 categories:

  • Health and healing in a time of pandemic
  • Fighting hunger and poverty
  • Championing diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Providing quality education for all
  • Overcoming climate change
  • Building better communities
  • Rising star

The eight and final category: “.org of the year” awards one of the nominees in the 7 previous categories for their exceptional contribution.

The winners will receive a donation of between $10,000 and $35,000, greater visibility in the form of publicity and promotion, as well as a personalized trophy.

How the application process works

As part of our Gandi Supports program, we encourage partner organizations and non-profits who have a .org website to submit their application to the Org Impact Awards. Each organization can apply, if they wish, by going directly to the category “Nominations” on the Org Impact Awards website.

Applications have been open since May 17 and will close June 30, 2023. Take advantage of this award to highlight your organization and the contributions you make to society!

I have a .org and what to sign up for the Org Impact Awards

Gandi supported projects

Since 2006, Gandi has supported a variety of projects, primarily non-profit and non-governmental organizations, that work for the common good (ecology and environmental protection, fighting discrimination, animal rights, education, etc.), but especially including free and open-source software, particularly those involved in data privacy. The “Gandi Supports” program provides concrete aide to these projects according to the specific needs of the project in question, taking the form of resources and Gandi products. The support provided by Gandi can also be in the form of advice and technical experience provided to organizations.