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Quickshare: a handy way to share domain name management permissions without sharing your login

Thanks to Gandi’s collaborative management system, it’s possible to manage your products collaboratively with others, all while maintaining the level of security of a personal account. Quickshare is one of the most practical features of Gandi’s site, espeically if you need to register domain names for customers or when you want to share certain domain name management permissions with other users.

Without such a collaborative management system, you would have to share your login credentials with other users in order to share a domain name with them, which can result in information being stolen from your account. And you wouldn’t be able to know whether other users are acting beyond their capacities. To avoid all that, there’s Quickshare!

Find out about the different options for sharing domain name management

Share the management of your domain name in total security with Quickshare!

In our latest video, we show you, step by step, how to work efficiently and collaboratively with our Quickshare feature!

Now you know how to give management permissions to other users, without giving away your username or password, using Gandi’s Quickshare feature!

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