Domain Guide

What is a domain name?

Jul 4, 2019  - written by

A domain name isn't just an address for your site, it links a memorable name to an IP address.

Are you ready for the DNS flag day?

Jan 29, 2019  - written by

DNS Flag day is coming up! Are you ready for February 1?

Secure your domain with two-factor authentication

Jan 8, 2019  - written by

To keep your domains and personal data safe and sound, use U2F to protect your account.

Think of your website as a tool

Sep 29, 2018  - written by

It might seem obvious that creating a website is one use for a domain name. But don't start by as...

Maximize your chances at getting a newly released domain

Sep 18, 2018  - written by

Whenever a new TLD launches, the rush to lock-in the registration of desirable domains begins.

How to manage your domain online

Sep 10, 2018  - written by

A registrar's web portal is your one stop shop for all of them. Here's how to use a registrar's w...

How to register a domain you’ll share a million times?

Jun 20, 2018  - written by

How to pick a domain that will work in any context.

How to manage a domain I. Have an expert manage it for you

Mar 30, 2018  - written by

Give a third-party or technical expert access to your domain's management features without giving...

How to choose a domain name? I. Consider your search engine ranking

Feb 21, 2018  - written by

Your domain name choice can influence your search engine ranking, so you may want to consider SEO...